How To Trim Long Haired Dogs

The hair here can get long and cause the dog to lose traction and slip on certain surfaces like hardwood floors. Slowly and carefully work your way down to the tail area but dont cut the tail hair yet.

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Kate I wish I had a pic of my long-haired black cat Stormy.

How to trim long haired dogs. Do your best to give a straight even cut so the hair around one eye is even with the other. It really depends on the specific dog breed and the quality of its coat. In this AnimalWised video we are going to show you How to Cut a Dogs Hair.

Clip around the tail. Long-haired breeds may require paw trimming every 4-6 months. Knowing what to do what tools to use and how to brush the outer and undercoat will help your dog stay its best and beautiful.

Be careful trimming excess hair. With a continually growing coat comes the need for regular grooming. There are many benefits to having a long haired dog.

However if the hair between your dogs pads grows long enough to stick out past the. With this BASIC GROOMING Tutorial. Long-haired dog breeds like Afghan hounds collies and Bernese mountain dogs have gorgeous and sometimes flowing coats.

Gently pull away the hair and use your fingers to hold it as you use shears to trim above and below the eyes. Trim your dogs face. If its extremely excited or especially agitated it will be much harder to get it to hold still while you trim its paws.

Digging dog clipper blades into the tissue in this sensitive area can also cause injury. Trim your dogs paws when its in a docile and pleasant mood. Start with the straight shears and begin cutting from the area at the top of the dogs neck.

This is something that you do not want to happen. Then go back and trim the hair down the sides of the dogs belly and legs. Cutting your dogs hair is an essential part of dog grooming.

If you burn or cut her sensitive membranes you will cause her great pain and injury. However these coats need regular grooming and brushing. Caring for a long haired dog requires a lot of maintenance.

Owners of dogs with short coats may not need to worry about the hair between the paw pads getting too long. Learning how to cut your dogs hair correctly can be one of the first things one has to learn as a fresh dog owner. They are adorable snuggly and best of all nearly shed-free.

This is mostly a task that long-haired dog owners have to repeat on a constant basis. Using your scissors as the feet are a sensitive area remove any unwanted fur from your dogs feet and tail. Before we start we need to stress that groom.

Always use a light touch. Cut hair on the dogs body front to back. Keep sessions regular and short so your long-haired dog does not develop a tangled coat which leads to a long and uncomfortable grooming session which can result in a frustrated dog that does not want to cooperate with grooming.

With long-haired breeds hair around the feet and pads need trimming. Use a 10 blade on your dog hair clippers and make sure it is not too hot or too dull. In this article I will cover how to groom a long haired dog and recommend the best tools for the job.

She literally looked like a small black lion with a mane and a tufted tail. By neglecting long hair the results will be tangles and matting. Use a comb to gather hair away from your dogs eyes.

Some owners opt to have a professional groomer take care of all their dogs hygienic needs from bathing and haircuts to nail trims and. Who passed away in January when she was 18. Keep scissors parallel to the dog do not point scissors at the dog.

Every summer my friend Jill who is a professional groomer would give her a lions cut.

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