How Long Do You Deep Condition Your Hair

Leave it for 20 to 40 minutes. Still Stevens recommends deep conditioning at least once a month but you should do it more often if youre someone with dry damaged or color-treated hair.

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For most hair types especially.

How long do you deep condition your hair. If you find your hair appears mushy or limp and you are deep conditioning more than once a week try reducing how often you deep condition to just once a week. Think of your hairs moisture needs in terms of hunger. You should deep condition until your hair tells gives you signs that it has absorbed enough moisture.

My hair stylist deep conditions my hair with a plastic cap under a warm hooded dryer for 30 minutes but he may not rinse it out immediately if hes working on other customers. How to Deep Condition Your Hair 1. When times up rinse and finish your hair washing routine.

Some every 2 weeks. Relax with conditioner on your hair for at least 15-20 minutes or for the indicated time as per the directions on the deep conditioner label. Although if your hair is more damaged youre likely going to need to deep condition for 20-30 minutes.

Many hair experts believe that you can protect your hair from everyday stressors with deep conditioning. Cover with a shower cap or plastic bag. I think that deep conditioning is perhaps the most important tool when it comes to growing long hair.

How often you deep condition is one factor and how long you deep condition is another. Leave in the DC for at least 20 minutes we recommend 20-40 4. Leaving the conditioner on for a longer period helps to penetrate your hair strands and treat and repair damaged hair.

I voted 30 minutes. I deep condition under a hooded dryer for 15 to 20 minutes. Deep conditioning fortifies hair strands and makes them stronger to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Remember that whatever regularly means is determined by you. Ideally its recommended for the product to sit in your hair up to 45 minutes. The length of time needed to leave the conditioner on your hair is directly related to your hairs damage ie overall condition.

So I may sit there for an additional 15 to 30 minutes after the dryer shuts off. Deep conditioner is usually left in the hair for 20 minutes and for no longer than 30 minutes. Others have found it beneficial to deep condition overnight as well as multiple hours.

But for almost as long as weve been obsessing over softness and shine weve been shirking the directions on the packaging that encourage us to let the conditioner linger in our hair for three to. Some naturals and transitioners deep condition their hair every 3-4 days. Some even go as far as deep conditioning overnight hoping itll do the job better.

If the product youre looking at says only 5 minutes its not a true deep conditioner. Hair that is deep conditioned regularly is more manageable softer less prone to breakage and frizz and is able to retain length. To deep condition hair at home 15-20 minutes time is not enough for every ones hair.

On the other hand if your hair is responding well to 2-3 deep conditioning treatments then there is no need to make a change. All individual products have their own suggestions but generally a deep conditioner should be left on for around 15-20 minutes. If you like you can cover all of your hair and head with a plastic bag or cap.

Now there has been some debate among hair scientists as to whether deep conditioning is effective and if its even necessary and Im in the its absolutely necessary camp. What to know more. Deep conditioning is probably THE most important step in the hair care routine of us natural girls.

Use this deep conditioner once or twice a week depending on your level of dryness. Some deep condition weekly while others deep condition their hair bi-weekly the choice is really up to you. I have read after about 10 to 15 minutes the cuticle is as open as it gonna get and absorbs as much as its gonna absorb.

Just because it is common or the directions instruct you to deep condition for 15 -30 minutes doesnt mean that is what your hair needs. For todays hair care tips we break down the consequences of sleeping in your deep conditioner. Deep conditioner helps hair retain the much-needed hair moisture turning it into a healthy and new mane.

After applying a deep conditioner cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag and add low heat wrap a warm damp towel around your head This opens up the cuticle and allows the deep conditioner to penetrate your hair. Here are a few benefits of deep conditioning.

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