How Long Should Braids Stay In Your Hair

6 weeks is the most time I would recommend keeping them in your hair. I dont like braids.

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How long should braids stay in your hair. Here are 5 tips for keeping your crochet braids looking and feeling fresh. I believe you can keep them up to 6months but thats with shampooing. Protective styles should only be worn for a maximum of eight weeks she told BuzzFeed.

Make sure your hair is nice and clean before you install crochets or any kind of braids or weave for that matter. So how long should you keep in your box braids. Make sure your hair is adequately moisturized before installing crochets.

Elena Diaz All Things Hair resident hairstylist reveals Box braids can last from 4 to 6 weeks. I just started putting my own hair in box braidsI washed my hair twice a week with the braids in. If you dont want to wash them I would say till you scalp cant take the dirt anymore or the braids are to lose from the new growth.

Youll thank me when you unravel your braids and your hair is healthy strong and long. Protect Your Hair At Night. Keeping these in for long will wreak havoc on your hair and scalp.

Put coconut oils on my hair overnight. Box braids should be kept in no longer than six to eight weeks on average because the hair grows out and causes matting and tangles which can ultimately lead to damaged hair says Ciceron. Yes you wont be able to wash your hair or oil your scalp as frequently.

Elena Diaz All Things Hair resident hairstylist reveals box braids can last from 4 to 6 weeks. It varies for each person. Thankfully my cousin was able to warn me about this onealthough you will get used to the weight the first one to four days depending on your pain tolerance will be hell.

The weight of the braids will cause breakage to your thin weak hair as well as hair loss. 6 weeks is the most time I would recommend keeping them in your hair and two months is the absolute max I would suggest leaving your box braids in. Shampooed condition then sealed with olive oil.

Are you prepared to deal with 1-4 days of migraines and loss of sleep. When you take your braids down it is important to use a moisturizing oil for hair like the Naturaz Styling Moisturizer. On the flip side fine hair types may not be able to deal with the tension of extension braids for too long.

Just because your hair is tucked under a protective style doesnt mean you should forgo your entire hair care routine. Given that youll have the braids in for at least a few weeks you want to make sure your hair isnt too dry. Choose the right hair It may seem like a simple task but Ive seen countless women with crochet braids that look great for two weeks but then turn into a frizzy mess.

6 to 8 weeks on average and 12 weeks at the very most. However long you keep your braids installed is a personal choice things like activity level and how you maintain them will play a role in how long you are able to keep them in. 5 They Keep Your Hair Healthier.

Exactly how long you can keep your braids in for is debatable as it is determined by how well your braids are put in and how well you treat your braids throughout. According to Tanya Pebbles 12. I would say it is best to err on the side of caution and keep your braids in for no longer than 8 weeks as long as your hair and scalp show no sign of distress.

Avoid heavy braids – theyll likely tug too much at your roots and pull out your hair over time. Braids and twist are beautiful and very convenient. 6 The Waviness Lasts All Day.

The real answer is. Many black women were taught since we were young that tying our hair up at night is just good practice. Depending on how well you care for your hair you can leave in your look for a bit longer than others can.

I dont mind a little frizz on the hair and it actually looks more natural the older the hair gets. Then re-braided my hair again. A few tips for installing crochet braids.

This applies to box braids crochet braids cornrows and any other style where the hair is sewn down or. If your hair is in braids make sure you follow these 9 essential maintenance guidelines. Besides looking messy if you keep plaits in for too long its also very difficult to diagnose any hair problems if you have extensions.

4 weeks later I removed them. Remember your hair loses approximately 75 to 100 strands of hair a day and thats with normal combing. Since braids keep your hair from getting tangled they also help to keep your hair healthier since you dont have to yank a brush through it all the time potentially breaking strands while you try to get rid of all the tangles.

Two months is the absolute max I would suggest leaving your box braids in. But this is the only way for me to leave my hair alone. However there are many who leave their braids in way too long just to cry over excessive hair breakage.

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