How To Create Finger Waves In Long Hair

Apply a lot of hair gel and brush it through the hair. You can use finger waves clips and roller set to get the desired waves.

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Whether you go for wet and gelled waves or dry ones it is your choice.

How to create finger waves in long hair. Open close push the hair and repeat. Press hair with your middle finger right below the first row of the wave. You can even get finger waves using hair straightener or curling iron.

This styling technique gives you the freedom to vary the size shape and smoothness of these retro waves. To create your finger waves start with damp toweled hair and then liberally add hair gel to ensure the style will hold. The clamp should run parallel to your part.

Open close push the hair. On long hair finger waves can be created till shoulder length and you can curl the rest of hair and tie them as a bun chignon at the nape of the neck. Use a fine tooth comb to create a deep side-parting choose whichever side suits you best and blow dry the hair.

Old Hollywood glam waves are your end goal. Gather the section elevate to 90 degrees with thumb and index finger and over direct to the corner of the clients eye. Finish up by creating a C-shape with your comb.

Then push the comb backward to create a small raised wave. Buy wave clips to hold the waves in place for some time. Part your hair either in the middle or to the side.

While you press your finger down on the clip you placed in the previous step hold your comb about an inch below the clip in a horizontal position. With a comb in your hair slide it to the left for an inch and lay it down. So I decided to make a video for beginners to simplify.

In finger waves you take wet hair with styling product added liberally and you comb the hair into ridges and curves with your fingers. The hair that lifts between your fingers is going to become a finger wave. Take two fingers and place them right next to your part.

Go ahead to choose where you want your waves to start. So as a cosmetology instructor most of my students really struggle with finger waves. How to make finger waves in long hair.

After correctly completing the first two processes its time to make waves and this is where your hair clamps will come in handy. The first step is making sections that you will later curl methodically. Once your finger waves are complete place your client under a hood dryer for at least an hour until shes 100 percent dry.

Pinch the two fingers together and secure the hair with a metal wave clamp. Once your hair is prepared clamp your hair where you would like your first curl to begin then push your hair up to this clamp using a comb to create a wave. Decide where you want to begin the waves and lay your middle finger flat across the hair.

Pinch the ridge with your index finger and comb the hair under the pinched ridge to the tips. Hold it in place with one of the metal wave clamps. Even though it may feel horrible itll make your job much easier.

You can create your finger waves on clean or dirty hair. Put a hand-full of gel in your hair. So youll need to switch things up with your styling method.

Use your fine-tooth comb or your fingers to make the waves ensure your waves are S-shaped as you clamp them nicely. Create waves with a roller set brush your strands out and spritz your hair with holding spray James says. For hair loss clients she says finger waves have the added benefits of covering thin areas rebuilding curl memory and giving the hair time to get stronger.

Laurent compares a mastered finger wave to a sculptors workits a process that cant be rushed. Go on like this working to the right and adding to the wave across the head. Begin by washing the hair to ensure it looks healthy and hydrated.

Factor dry time into your appointment. Finger waves with color are low maintenance last a long time and they seal in the moisture and nutrients your hair needs to grow. If your hair is freshly shampooed add some mousse or gel prior to blow drying to help your curls hold and part your hair where you want it before you blow dry.

Place the Marcel iron near the scalp with the blade facing down and as you hold the hair with your left hand begin to push the hair toward the face. A finger wave set must be completely dry. Use a fine comb to create the waves after curling.

Comb the hair next to your fingers forward in a C-shape. Remember soft waves aka. If you want to read similar articles to How to Do 1920s Finger Waves we recommend you visit our Beauty Personal Care category.

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